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Bradfield Sabbatical Program

The program

The Bradfield Sabbatical Program is a free, 4-week, loosely supervised program for you to study computer science in a mostly self-directed manner. The primary facilitator is Ozan Onay, one of the instructors at Bradfield and previously co-founder and CTO of and Topguest. While participants are ultimately for their own success, Ozan is available to help them form study plans and stay on track.

The program runs out of our building in the SoMa district of San Francisco. BSP participants are the main occupants during the day, and share the building with students of our regular courses in the evenings. We provide fast internet, snacks, a good technical library and 24/7 access to the building. Most importantly, we carefully select a group of similarly driven individuals who we hope will motivate and positively affect your work.

We expect you to make a full time commitment, and that you will be able to attend almost every weekday during the period, from at least 10am-4pm. Those who wish to continue to a second or third 4-week session are encouraged to do so, so long as they commit to the full 4n, n { 1, 2, 3 } weeks.

You and your peers

We select groups of approximately 10 participants, based on our expectation of who will make the most of the opportunity and enhance one anothers work. Mostly, we look for curious, ambitious software engineers who see technology as a force for good and wish to understand it well enough to make an impact on the world.

We expect all participants to have at least a few years of full time programming experience, and an existing interest in computer science. If youd like to learn a new language or technology as an end in itself, this may not be the best program for you. If youd like to do so as part of a journey to some deeper truth, or to eventually make your own contribution, then you will find yourself among peers.

We know that the most significant factor in your experience will be the backgrounds, interests and personalities of your fellow participants. Our most important job is to get this right, and we wouldnt offer the program at all if we didnt anticipate that we could.

Application process

The Bradfield Sabbatical Program is currently on hiatus, and applications are closed until further notice

Please email [email protected] if youd like to be notified when the the program is resumed.

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