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A Quantum Experience | Matteo Madeddu

What is the quantum theory? As said by quantumexperience official site by IBM, its an elegant mathematical theory able to explain the counterintuitive behavior of subatomic particles, most notably the phenomenon of entanglement . In the late twentieth century it was discovered that quantum theory applies not only to atoms and molecules, but to bits and logic operations in a computer. This realization has been bringing about a revolution in the science and technology of information processing: I decided to write some notes to better explain, from a physics-agnostic computer scientists point of view XD, what I understood - and it is certainly wrong - about Q until now and why I think its an amazing field for computer science. For skilled guys, here latex source (and here pdf pre-compiled version) that collect my personal notes about IBM Q platform, in general the quantum-computing world. I was also invited in Verona by the Quantum Research Group of the Department of Computer Science - why? dont know, maybe the coolest guys were sick - to talk about the platform and we had a really interesting brain-storming conversation about a quantum version of the Tris game I am working on