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TL;DR: Cynical world view - People will not donate easily. All future products will have an integrated monetization scheme

Its been a while now since .colors() launched to the public. The first launch was on ProductHunt and recently Ive launched again on DesignerNews. That second launch was an incredible spike in traffic and it got featured on a bunch of big websites in the web design space. During peak times there were 40 users on the page at the same time.

There have been features on DesignerNews, WebDesignerNews and Codrops just in the past 72 hours and its been wild. At the end of it (or at least after the site has settled for a bit) Im left with 4,700+ unique users. About 250 of whom have come back to interact with the site again.

Thats a conversion rate of approximately 5%. Meanwhile my following across various platforms has also increased by 40 people, which I consider pretty good! Its definitely been worth it in the exposure department.

Google Analytics stats as of Feb 9, 2018

What didnt go as planned

Im gonna be straightforward: This is gonna sound whiney and maybe a bit conceited. But out of all those users I ended up getting zero donations. Not a single one. I was thinking maybe I could get a coffee or two out of it. But no. Nada.

It has definitely taught me a valuable lesson, however: If you wish to get your sidehustle on, you mustnt be afraid to charge. Because merely ten people paying three dollars each is already an improvement over 4,700 people paying nothing.

The economics of launching something are interesting and something Ill definitely keep an eye on. I also plan on extending .colors() with premium updates in the future now that there are about 50 daily users on it on average. How much that will earn? Who knows! But its my canvas to experiment and play with and I will keep on trying.

Especially since one-tenth of the year is over already. Eek!

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