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Our software / Liquid Democracy

About Adhocracy

Adhocracy was conceived as a cooperative discourse, delegation and voting software, which enables a collective, binding decision-making process online.

Adhocarcy is a free to use open source project under active development. Democratic decision-making processes based on digital media need to meet high security standards in order to be seen as trustworthy by users. One aspect of this is transparency: Adhocracy is available for download under the AGPL open source license.

Furthermore the use of a free license allows all interested parties to develop Adhocracy according to their specific ideas and wishes, making it better suited for their specific purposes. Apart from the improvement of the software in general, we aim to optimize Adhocracy to make it suitable for various commercial participation scenarios.

Projects and processes do not need to be actively moderated, but are passively moderated by user activity.

About Thentos

Privacy matters, especially in the context of political participation. Freedom of participation and anonymity are strongly dependent on each other. However, there is a tension between the need for anonymity and the need to prove that nobody can cast two votes, or flood a discussion with comments from a seemingly large group of fake users.

Thentos stores, manages, and protects user data and authenticates users of Adhocracy and other services of public and political institutions. It aims to do this in the most secure way possible while offering high usability and transparency for users, web app developers, and administrators alike.

Like Adhocracy, Thentos is available for download under the AGPL open source license.


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