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Aerospike goes open source

We are excited to announce that the Aerospike database is now open source.

Aerospikes mission is to disrupt the entire field of databases by offering an addictive proposition: a database literally ten times faster than existing NoSQL solutions, and one hundred times faster than existing SQL solutions. By offering as open source the battle-tested operational database that powers the largest and highest scale companies on the planet, Aerospike will change how applications are architected, and solutions are created!

Some of technologys greatest innovations emerge from collaboration with open source communities. The open source licensing of Aerospikes database will enable even more developers to take advantage of this fundamentally innovative technology; there is great potential here for sparking an explosion in real-time big data driven applications.

– Greg Papadopoulos, former CTO of Sun Microsystems

The code for Aerospike clients and the Aerospike server is published on github. Clients are available under the Apache 2 license so you can use and modify with no restrictions. The server is available under AGPL V3 to protect the long term interests of the community – you are free to use it with no restrictions but if you change the server code, then those code changes must be contributed back.

Aerospike Community Edition has no limits on the number of servers, tps or terabytes of data, and is curated by Aerospike. Use is unlimited and the code is open. We cannot wait to see what you will do with it!

Aerospike Enterprise Edition is available under a commercial license. It has a few extra operational features like cross data center replication and fast restart. The Enterprise build is tested and certified and comes with hot patches and full enterprise support.

We are grateful to our large scale customers – veteran Scale Warriors and the foundation of our community – for helping us harden the database, and we call on them now to help rally the troops, tell the stories, share their advice and grow the community.

As legendary marketing guru and Aerospike advisor Regis McKenna says, entrepreneurs break all the rules and Aerospike is no exception. Here are just a few of the rules we broke and what we have to say about that!

Aerospike was built from scratch? You can’t do that! Aerospike uses flash instead of RAM? You can’t do that! Aerospike is 100x faster? You can’t do that! Aerospike runs with zero downtime? You can’t do that! A NoSQL database with ACID? You can’t do that! Aerospike runs at 1 M TPS with ACID? You can’t do that! Closed source DB goes Open? You can’t do that!

Get started right away, download now. Check out newly updated Documentation. Explore the Aerospike Launchpad. Contribute to the community!

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