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In what is shaping up to be a big executive upheaval tomorrow, Twitter engineering head Alex Roetter is also departing the company, according to sources.

Fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a bumpy night and then day, and then day after that. Also: The day after that. You get the idea of the tumult about to pummel the San Francisco social communications company, from both inside and outside.

As Re/code already reported earlier today, both media head Katie Jacobs Stanton and product VP Kevin Weil are departing Twitter too.

All the departures are for different reasons, said sources some, like Stantons, are by choice. Its not clear how Weils and Roetters will be positioned by Twitter some insiders say the departures were not voluntary and others say they left on their own motors.

Twitter engineering head Alex Roetter

And there are likely more to come of all kinds, as CEO Jack Dorsey tries to take control of the company he founded and get it on a solid path of growth. Not so easy, as it turns out, especially since Dorsey is also running Square, the payments company that recently went public.

Sources said another exec who may be departing is Vine head Jason Toff, and others said business development leader Jana Messerschmidt has indicated that she wants to go, too, in the coming months.

All this outgoing will create a level of strife inside the company and give the impression to the outside of chaos. Investors had given Dorsey a bit of a honeymoon, after a year of attacks, but that could change.

To be fair, Twitter is about to bring in a new CMO, as Re/code reported, as well as a new head of PR (a job that is going to be an important one now). Also, new board members are expected to replace several anticipated departures of directors.

All of this appears against a backdrop of a stock disaster. Twitter shares are at an all-time low, and that has created some speculation that it might become a takeover target.

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