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Todoed #TheNewTodoed -Be more productive without...

The rise of the new age of internet since its inception till date has been an enabler of human productivity and speedy communications around the world with its flabbergasting variants divided into a web of different solutions to different problems making it easier for us to be more efficient with a potential. 

Billions of internet users today use the new age tools such as gmail, facebook, yammer, slack, etc. to achieve their goals.

Here is a story about Adam and Megha, a new age team who chat work to build their startup. Megha writes to Adam, “Richard needs to complete 2 blog posts by tomorrow, its important” which Adam simply highlights and delegates it directly to Richard from within the chat with just one right click. How, right?  They use Todoed.

As an individual, a team, a startup or an organization workflow is comprised of the set of tasks it needs to accomplish, the set of people or other resources available to perform those tasks, and the interactions among them without breaking their workflows. Maintaining the continuity in workflow has proved to be the most effective way to a successful assignment or delegation and completion of the tasks, Todoed exactly lets you achieve that with just one right click saving a lot of our time which you probably waste in either scrolling over the written text to manually select and switch screens to save the same or go to another to do app to manually add tasks.

If you have loved Todoed’s simplicity. you will love #TheNewTodoed.

It solves a very simple problem. It saves you all that effort of having to go to a to-do app and manually add a task to yourself or your coworkers. We’re proud to say that no other app in this world allows you to create and delegate tasks to yourself or your coworker straight from within the chats with just one right click, without breaking flow!

We have now got better than ever to make your work life better forever with #TheNewTodoed that lets you delegate tasks to yourself and your coworkers straight from within the chats more effectively with the New Design! Instant Notifications! Syncing Fluency!

Peter Drucker once said: Work includes a process, and any process must be controlled. Therefore, to make work productive, will require building appropriate controls into the work process.

We encourage you to take control and make great things happen.

Just like it is important for you to make a positive impact on your work and life, your feedback is very important for us to make your life easier in doing that. Since the beginning of our journey we have been working very hard keeping in mind our mission of turning Todoed into an extraordinary tool for facilitating global productivity and we are moving a step ahead towards achieving it with each day and we invite you on this journey to change the world with more efficiency and productivity.

Write to us about your experience of the product and your feedback/suggestions/recommendations in comments. 

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