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BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen has left the company | The Verge

Bram Cohen, a co-founder of BitTorrent, the company which oversees the development of eponymous P2P protocol, has left its board, he told TorrentFreak. The revelation comes weeks after the file-sharing service provider said it had been acquired by blockchain startup Tron. It remains unclear exactly when Cohen, who also served as a lead engineer at the firm for years, made the decision to part ways with the company. He hinted to TechCrunch last year that, as of August, he was no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.

The departure of Cohen underscores BitTorrent's long battle to find a lucrative business model. The company, the services of which are used by more than 100 million customers, has long struggled to find new applications of its platform and avenues to bring home some cash. In 2016, the company announced a mobile music and video streaming service BitTorrent Now, which it abruptly shut down months later while also firing its co-CEOs. Last year, the company shut down its much hyped live streaming service BitTorrent Live, which Variety described as a brainchild of Cohen.

An outspoken personality, Cohen has expressed interest in cryptocurrency in the recent years. Late last year, he announced Chia Network, a startup which would focus on fixing some core issues with bitcoin, namely the centralization problem (miners with the cheapest access to electricity having an advantage over those who do not) and the environmental impact of bitcoin mining. In a talk at a blockchain conference, Cohen shared more about his new startup.

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