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Bug#12 Zomato has stored XSS · Fallible Blog

Bug#12 Zomato has stored XSS

18 Oct 2015

Last week, we discovered even more bugs, apart from the 11 we found earlier. This was a small one, but can be exploited to a greater extent to get for example passwords of unsuspecting Zomato users using a carefully crafted attack.

Company: Zomato Valuation: $1 billion+ Bug: The address field in Zomato orders on desktop version of the website is not sanitized before storing to database. This is a minor bug but can have embarrassing implications. We have intimated their top execs.

BTW the image in the screenshot below did not render as it was being served over http and the page loaded over https, a Chrome protection against MITM attacks. The URL for the page below is

We discovered that the Zomato order status pages are public, so we curled their order history for last 500,000 orders, extracted food items, did a fuzzy string matching to match same items with different names and made a frequency tag cloud of the top 500 most ordered items.

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