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GitHub - CherryMill/CMLinux: DIY a really tiny Linux from Sctrach


DIY an any scale, full customizable Linux-From-Scratch, to clear myself, it is really a Linux From Scratch, but with my care and love.

CMLinux v0.8-re-TC has just Released which may give you the Full Tool Chain to Customize Linux, see the releases to have a quick start.

![flowchart](/resources/flowchart_0.7.2016070 .png)

Build a Linux from zero to hero, I will follow the lead of Linux-From-Sctrachs version 7.9 to build a tiny but strong Linux, and I shall call it as CMLinux.

Our Goal is to make a Linux-From-Sctrach with basic tools and keeps it with high perfermance for VM usage.

Our LFS need to satisfy the LSB Requirements by integrating these paskages:

Bash, Bc, Binutils, Coreutils, Diffutils, File, Findutils, Gawk, Grep, GTK+2, Gzip, M4, Man-DB, Ncurses, Procps, Psmisc, Sed, Shadow, Tar, Util-linux, Zlib

So join us, and you will learn and build your Linux for your VM

Project Progress


The standards we shall follow as closely as possible:


Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) Version 3.0

Linux Standard Base (LSB) Version 5.0

Need Your Help

Requirements for Partcipators

No MORE requirements, and we will learn more from it. -- from Linux with LOVE.

If your localhost is Windows you may first deploy a Linux in VM as the platform for developing, recommending Ubuntu, a really friendly Linux with apt.

Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective - Randal E.Bryant

Linux System Programming - Robert Love

* For writing documents, you shall have some knowings about Markdown.

Enjoy Yourself

Cherry Mill - I am working hard to Re-factor the whole system to meet the need of the VM-BIOS. - 0.6.20160710

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