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bye Medium


thank you to everyone who said nice things about my cartoons and essays.

im going to re-vamp my website to include the essays.

so if you are following me and want to keep seeing cartoons and/or essays,

go to

im leaving this site because i no longer want my work associated with Medium.

Youre known by the company you keep. You may be a very nice person but if you decide to join Hells Angels and dress like a biker, dont be surprised if people start judging you.

Similarly, if your friends are all loud, obnoxious idiots, people will think you are a loud, obnoxious idiot, too.

Medium has become overloaded with loud, obnoxious idiots and I am no longer comfortable telling people, Yeah I post on Medium, check me out. More and more I think this site is being viewed as a giant trash can where people toss in any old thing.

There are far, far, far too many articles of a purely commercial nature. How to get your business up and running, etc. Sometimes these articles are nothing more than press releases from a new company thats trying to scam some free advertising.

There are far, far, far too many advice articles on this site. Its one thing to say I lost my job and this is how it affected/changed me, thats personal experience. But advice articles always contain the same implied subtext: youre doing it wrong and Im the genius who is going to show you how to do it the right way. Hence, how to fix your relationship, how to manage your spare time, ten things your boss does that you havent figured out, etc. etc.

Its crap content and crap advice.

Medium is swimming in crap. Like reprints or links to other pages. Why? Thats for social media. Dont repost things. Wheres the originality in that.

The people who came here to express themselves in an original manner are being drowned out. The people who came here to read original writing are finding less and less to read. The people who are trying to improve their writing and share within a community are being pushed aside by the big mouthed marketing assholes and start up know-it-alls whose ultimate goal is to become another zuckerberg and retire on top of a pile of cash by 34.

To those folks who worked so tirelessly to make Medium the shit pile its become, i say this: fuck off. artists need a place to create. take your business to the country club or the spa or the high end gym and leave the artists alone. I hate these business types because theyre self centered, egotistical fuck heads who see everything in terms of commercial valueideas, paintings, people, animals, land, air, penises, cookies, you name it. They love to move into places where artists live and raise the cost of living and build their crappy chain stores and push us out.

So fuck off. Youre shallow fools. Yes, you will always drive a nicer car than i drive but you will always be shallow fools, too.

And to Medium, shame on you for failing a lot of hard working writers who want a place to exchange ideas. You created a space for us, then you left the door open so that any dumbass fratboy or smiling corporate whore could waltz in and ruin our fun.

come see me at

bookmark it and see daily crows and semi-regular essays.

i dont need this shit show to have presence on the web

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