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Canadian Privacy iAMA

EDIT: Click here for the Live Reddit iAMA link. For details, read below.

PrivaSecTech is bringing together some of Canada’s top privacy professionals for a Reddit iAMA. On Friday May 1st from 15:00-19:00 ET / 12:00-16:00 PT we’ll be on hand to answer all of your privacy related questions. We are hoping you have some interesting legal, policy, and technical questions as they apply to yourself as a Canadian, or your organization.

The Team:

Kris Constable – Senior Advisor & Consulting Privacy Officer – PrivaSecTech. Kris provides advice, training, and audits organizations that prioritize on the privacy of their users. Twitter: @cqwww

Andrew Clement is a professorin thefaculty of Information, University of Toronto researching surveillance and privacy. He leads theIXmaps.cainternet surveillance mapping project and recently initiated theSnowden Surveillance Archive.

John Wunderlich is an independent privacy consultant and researcher you can follow on Twitter @PrivacyCDN or find at

Sara Levine practices privacy, freedom of information and health law, serving clients in the business, regulatory, non-profit, education and health sectors. Sara is committed to public education around privacy and freedom of information issues, and regularly speaks to groups interested in privacy rights and obligations in BC.

David T.S. Fraser is a Canadian privacy lawyer who is a partner with the firm of McInnes Cooper. He has a national and international practice advising corporations and individuals on matters related to Canadian privacy laws.

Micheal Vonn Policy Director for the BC Civil Liberties Association, a specialist inprivacy, national security, policing, surveillance and free speech.

In the interim, check out r/privacy and newly formed r/privacylaw.

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