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Code #LikeAGirl | Sondry

dynamic that gets exaggerated in a testosterone-heavy group - you never know when youre being sized up sexually, if your coding partners eyes are wandering down your shirt, if your male peers walking behind you on the way to lunch is distracted by your booty.

There was one instance it went over the line for me. Im outside having a smoke before we start a weekend hackathon, and a group of male students from the program walk by without noticing me. Theyre presumably chatting about which students to group with, and I hear: God, Laura bitch is always menstruating, Ryan says, ... were not grouping with any of the girls, theyre just here to do frontend shit and make the demographics less shitty.

I stomp out my cigarette and head inside. Find Laura and the two other female coders and group up for this hackathon. I share this little snippet of info with them and we decide to build a beard rating app in the 24 hours we have, using all the males in the program, bearded or not, as the sample database (Ryan has a full beard but scores an average 2/10).

We finish a couple hours early with a solid 6 hours of sleep under our belts and a nice, polished app. While all the male-only teams are still scurrying to fix their tests or learn javascript in 20 minutes, we start getting drunk, posting topless Josh Hartnett gifs to the group messaging flow, make an alternate version of our app that guesses dick sizes instead of rating beards

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