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Exclusive: Crytek to invest $500m in Turkey

Important Update: We’ve received a statement saying the rumors going around various news sites and social media about the “Turkish investment in Crytek” are not reflecting the truth. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, we’ve deleted unconfirmed parts. Below, you’re only seeing the speech of PM Yldrm about “the three Turkish brothers living in Germany, who own a leading company in the gaming sector” and their investment plans in Turkey

Crytek, a game studio founded in Germany by 3Turkish brothersCevat, Avni, and Faruk Yerli, has plans to invest $500M in Turkey according to Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim’s statements (video below).

Crytek, the developer company of the CryEngine, established in Germany by three Turkish brothers who have made a mark on the world with their games like Crysis, Warface, has decided to shut down many studios around the world due to difficulties they have faced and shrinking profit margins in recent years. While the future of Crytek was being talked in the technology press all over the world, Prime Minister Binali Yldrm made a statement about the issue and gave us some good news about the company’stroubled future.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, who spoke at Turkey’s 500 Great Exporters Award Ceremony, paid attention to the gaming industry during his speech and said, “There is a man from Giresun who lives in Germany, he is one of the leaders of the gaming industry in the world, they will come and invest in Turkey. The 500 million dollars investment foreseen, the technology they build is beyond my understanding, no matter what, it is not so hard to understand that our future relies on innovation.”

Although Yldrm did not say the company name in his speech, it is clearly understood that he was mentioning the Crytek company founded in Germany by three brothers from Turkey’s Giresun city. However, on the other hand, Crytek wind has not yet made a statement about the topic.

In the meantime, the company has closed many studios around the world but did not close the one in Istanbul. We can see it as a clue to Crytek’s has some interesting plans in Turkey.

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