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Dear Al-Jazeera: Thank you for doing the right thing Dear Al-Jazeera: Thank you for doing the right thing | Scrollytelling

Yesterday we published an article about Al-Jazeera using Scrollytelling code without permission.

The story was picked up worldwide at a rate that frankly left us dumbfounded. Tens of thousands impressions on Twitter quickly overloaded my phone and comments poured in on Hacker News and Reddit. It caused quite a stir. Most importantly, our article accomplished something our diplomatic efforts couldn't: Al-Jazeera responded.

We called them on article 7 of their Code of Ethics and Al-Jazeera delivered on it, in full. This is awesome.

After actually calling us on the phone, in which they apologized and clarified what led to the unfortunate situation, Al-Jazeera removed the infringing code and rewrote the publication in record time using the regular open source Pageflow (on which Scrollytelling is built).

We commend Al-Jazeera for doing the right thing and doing it without hesitation. Well done. Apology accepted and as far as we are concerned, that's the end of it.

Read the corrected article here on Al-Jazeera.

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