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Didyougogo - An Altavista-slayer

Did you go go?

An Altavista-slayer

Imagine a web search service of googol proportions that:

This is such a service.

I'm Marcus, author of the software behind Didyougogo. For the past ten years I've been trying to improve my programming and math skills to get to a level where I could write a proper web search engine for the written word using absolute cutting-edge IR methods. The final result is something I have not seen or read about: a language represented as a 65K wide vector-space, serialized into a binary tree that is balanced according to node's cosine angle between them and their closest neighbours. Querying is very fast, even for long phrases. Fuzzy, prefix, suffix and wildcard type queries comes for free with the vector-space model. The system uses relatively little resources and can run on as little as 1 CPU and 1GB RAM.

I hereby present my (0.1 alpha MVP) Altavista-killer *:

* Because calling something a Google-killer makes you sound really wierd. And because the Altavista search engine came as a standalone installation (which is also the case with the Didyougogo software).

What to do now?

Me, personally, I would like to spend the next ten years building the strongest web search service in the world. Here's what I have in mind:

Check it out please (feedback greatly appreciated)!

Submit a page, do a search.

Didyougogo Source code Give feedback here


This service needs computing, storage and a small-ish team of developers. If you are willing and able to offer sponsorship, reach out to me at marcuslager at the biggest email provider in the world * dot com.

* It's a real dragon. Someone should slay it.

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