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Does your audience *understand* your landing page?

TL;DR Consider doing a comprehension test via Snapchat to make sure your audience understands your value proposition

Using a landing page to test your product or service is a lean way of observing if you can build a product for a specific audience. With lean techniques like test landing pages, you can easily communicate your specs and features to see if there is a need for your product before actually building it.

Finding the right words

Most products are built with a specific use case in mind, mostly by people who are actually interested in using these products themselves as well.

However, the problem is that you might be quite well in understanding your niche and using words to describe what you are building, but you might as well use words and expressions that your audience will not understand.

Even though I'm not a big fan of the Apple cult, I think what Apple did incredibly well, was to communicate their products' value propositions - like they did when releasing the first iPod in 2002.

Instead of describing the iPod as a device with 5GB capacity for storing data, Apple decided to create a product that is able to store "1,000 songs in your pocket". This was genius.

So, let's do a comprehension test first

As Tristan Kromer (@TriKro) points out on his blog, a comprehension test is essential before putting out a test landing page, because it could essentialy influence the results you will get.

A landing page with a low conversion rate does not necessarily mean that the product you are aiming to build is wrong, but that you are not speaking the same language as your target audience does.

To solve this problem, Tristan gives us the following solution:

Before we ever run a smoke test, we should run a comprehension test. Its a simple test we can do that usually takes less than one hour:

  1. Write out your value proposition in 1-3 sentences.
  2. Show the value proposition to a participant for a few moments, just enough for them to read it. Then take it away.
  3. Ask them to explain the value proposition back to us in their own words.

This is indeed a nice way of checking your communication strategy. However, doing some serious cool startup shit and then writing some sentences on paper is not 2015-ish. Therefore we are doing it differently.

Send a snap to your friends!

If you happen to be in the lucky position to have your Snapchat friends also being your target audience, then your are ready to do a comprehension test via Snapchat!

Write your value proposition down (yes, pen and paper again) and snapsend it right away. You could either tell your friends beforehand what you are going to send them - or not. Your results will vary, but it will definitely give you inisghts on how to talk to your target audience.

Plus, this is also a convenient way to see if you friends can actually read your handwriting. Maybe I could optimize that as well.

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