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Dont Build a Startup, Build a Business. The Startup Journey Medium

Everybody and their dog seems to want to build a startup, but guess how many of those actually get to delivering a finished product and turning a profit? Not many!

The problem is the way most approach entrepreneurship is flawed from the beginning. They try to be disruptors, build the new put-successful-company-name-here and end up with a unicorn. Unfortunately, though, not many of those actually have the chutzpah and genius needed to do that.Ever wondered why we always hear about the Jobses, Zuckerbergs, Kalanicks and Cheskys, and only about them? Thats because there are not many people who can actually build something so successful and disruptive.

Im not being negative here: its ok not to be a genius. Its enough to be smart and willing to work hard, which is all it takes to be successful in entrepreneurship. Ok, throw in a bit of luck, too, but keep in mind luck favors the persistent.

Too many people focus on money when beginning in entrepreneurship. They dream of billion dollar valuations, fame and IPOs. However, thats not the best way to start a business.

Anyone can create a job for themselves. But not everyone can change the worldDanNorris

Building a healthybusiness

What you should focus on instead, is to build a small business, focused on growth and most important on delivering value to your customers. The focus from day one should be on getting clients to pay for your product.If you need a lot of money first, then its not a good idea for a business. A solid and healthy venture, should get the money it needs from its customers, not from VCs.

I know many who say: I need X amount of money to start, Without a VC we cant make it and many more excuses.The reality is you can easily start a business while working a 95 job, which will dramatically reduce the amount of money you need. Then when you have 6 to 12 months of cash in the bank, youre ready to quit your job and focus solely on your business.

Would you rather be a Basecamp or a deadunicorn?

Small is not just a stepping-stone. Small is a great destination itselfJason Fried,Basecamp

One business I deeply admire is Basecamp.

They did everything right:

This is what most failing startups did in comparison:

Now, I admit Basecamp is a pretty solid product which for most people would be considered a huge success. However, you could be just as successful even if you didnt make it as big as Basecamp.But what would you prefer: making some money and be a success or burning through others money and fail?

How to start your ownbusiness

Everyone is an entrepreneur. The only skills you need to be an entrepreneur are the ability to fail, to have ideas, to sell those ideas, to execute on them, and to be persistent so even as you fail you learn and move onto the next adventure.

The first step is to leave your assumptions aside: we all have ideas we would like to turn into products, however, they are just our own and so we tend to be a bit biased.Instead, you should look for others pains and needs and build a product out of those.

Go on Quora, Reddit or any other online location where your peers like to hang out and discuss.Look for common questions being asked: people trying to fix a problem they have, looking for a better way to do something, complaining about an existing tools shortcomings. You get the idea.

Now, think about how you could help those people by building a product or providing a serviceif you decide to provide a service, try to present it in a way to make it look like a product, WPCurve-style.

At this point you should know what you want to build. Its time to build the easiest, yet still useful, version of your product.All the nice-to-haves should be left out for when you have the time and money for them. Focus on where the meat is, what gets you the most results in the least possible time.If youre building a productized service, you might even want to do everything yourself manually, while presenting it in a way that makes it look automatic: its not cheating, since your customers would be getting the same result anyway. But always deliveror over-deliveron what you promise!

Launch and startselling!

Once you build the first version, your focus should be on promoting your product and the best way to do it is to start a blog and talk to your audience, helping them by writing great content that speaks directly to them and gets them to realize how much value you can provide them.Be honest and helpful, always, and try to give away more than you get back.

After a while, youll know if your product can make it or not, but you wont know it until you actually sit down, build it and launch it.

Its good to be profitable

Remember, the focus of a business should be on delivering value and making money while doing so, unlike a usualstartup, whose sole purpose often seems to be burning money and thinking of ways to eventually turn a profit in the future.

Unless you have plenty of your own money to invest (think Elon Musk) or you are 16, let the others be the disruptors and be an entrepreneur instead!


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