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Dude Sneaks Into Game Studio... Eats Their Food... Discovers Unannounced Game

It's a weekday and you have nothing to do. Why not try sneaking into your local game development company, hang out for the day, partake of lunch and get them to fill you in on some unannounced projects?

Okay... Probably doesn't sound like the smartest, or most feasible idea... after all, these companies have security. There's no way you're getting in.. unless you're Redditor "UndercoverLegend".

According to a post -- now pulled from Reddit but saved and verified as true by Kotaku -- UL has been following game development company Digital Extremes for years. He knew vaguely where their offices are located -- London, Ontario, Canada. He just didn't know the exact location until he discovered a Tenno statue in the Citi Plaza. (Tenno are a race in DE's game Warframe.)

Once he discovered the location of the office, he learned that the office uses fingerprint identification to grant employees access to the building. But apparently this wasn't enough to stop UndercoverLegend, who simply waited for an employee to scan his fingerprints and followed him through the open door.

"He didnt even ask me any questions. I had my Doctor Who shirt on and I tried my best to blend in."

The rest of UndercoverLegend's story follows:

"No one asked me if I worked there, I just sat in the chairs and moved around every now and then. at 12:01pm the lunch lady says that food is ready over the overcom and I join up the line. Theres a bunch of plates stacked and then you just grab the food buffet style. I sat down and enjoyed my free lunch and started talking to some people. They told me they were working on a new game called Keystone. They said it was a FPS with cards (like magic the gathering style perhaps) but didnt explain that much about it. The QA room has funko figures and stuffed animals everywhere. There were also a lot of ps4 and xbox one sitting around unattended. There were no security guards and no one asked me who I was. They just assumed I belonged there and told me about their secret game. at 6pm people started leaving so I just followed them out and the one guy said See you tomorrow so I agreed.

TL;DR: DE has shitty security and delicious food. Also Keystone."

We have to wonder... How did no one realize he didn't belong there? No one noticed random dude who they'd never seen before, ever?

Or better yet. No one wondered why someone they thought worked there had no idea about the game that apparently EVERYONE else there seemed to know about?

It's all a bit strange. But, whatever the answer is, it looks like it's time to beef up that security.

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