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Bluetooth 5 & Bluetooth Low Energy book

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this book for?

This book is for any developer who has some basic undertanding of embedded development on microcontrollers and is looking to learn about BLE and how to utilize it in their project. This will also serve well for someone who knows the basics of BLE on the mobile side and is looking to learn more about it on the embedded side.

Who is it NOT for?

It is not for someone who has zero knowledge of software development and no experience with C language development for microcontrollers. Not for the hobbyist, UNLESS you have some experience with software development and youre willing to spend the time to learn through additional resources as well.

What if I want a team license?  

If you'e looking to purchase this for a team and give several developers access to all the material, then contact me and I can work with you on that. Send me an email here.

What operating systems do the exercises/tutorials run on?  

All exercises and software tutorials are meant to run on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, and macOS). With the use of Segger Embedded Studio, you'll be able to set up your devlopment environment and start developing on any operating system of your choice.

"Your ebook is too expensive"

Consider this as an investment you will recoop and exceed right away! I guarantee it will save you days and weeks of lost time and money that you'd otherwise spend researching and reading the other non-practical resources. Think of it as a self-educational training package. No need to travel anywhere, and you can learn at your own pace. Compared to live on-site training, the cost is minuscule, especially when you take into consideration any travel youd have to do for training.

I'm a college/university professor, how can this book help my students?

Contact me to see how this can fit as the perfect material for a lab on wireless technologies and embedded systems. I guarantee you this book will serve as one of the most practical and industry-applicable classes they will take!

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