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We are happy to announce that the new ECL release has been published. Version 16.0.0 has various improvements over the previous one mostly focused on the interoperability with the existing CL libraries ecosystem, pushing forward ANSI compliance and increasing portability across various platforms.

Significant (ongoing) efforts have been made to improve general code quality removing dead blocks and interfaces, untabifying sources and refactoring parts of the code base. Also we've refreshed the testing framework. Documentation has been verified and updated.

We owe big "thank you" to many people who helped us with understanding the ANSI spec and pointing us in the right direction when in doubt, and to those who bothered to report issues and provide test cases. These discussions took place mostly on IRC and via the "Issues" tab on the GitLab platform. Unfortunately I don't remember all the nicks and names, so it would be unfair to list only a few I remember.

Without further ado the changes:

1 Known issues

2 API changes

3 Enhancements

4 Issues fixed

Author: Daniel Kochmaski

Created: 2015-08-28 Fri 11:09


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