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Faulty Logic Real Life

For the past few months, a single advertisement has been relentlessly popping up in my Twitter feed. Tired of the internet shouting factory? it asks. Welcome to Kialo. The name is Esperanto for reason, and the site is a collaborative debating platform where you can host or join discussions and contribute to arguments on both sides. The promise is of a certain kind of orderly hush, a philosophers glade where through quiet, structured dialogue initiates can cleanse themselves of intellectual impurities and dress their thoughts in the plainest, most honest garments. I decided to start a debate on a topic that had become a pressing concern in my world, and which I felt genuinely conflicted about: Should art made by artists accused of abuse be removed from cultural institutions? The site is built so that each argument branches into a tree, with each statement being broken down into further pro and con discussion. As the debates administrator, I had the primary responsibility for assessing where other contributors statements should fit, and for helping them break down their initial entries into concise propositions.