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Feature Flags for Mobile Apps - Apptimize

Take Back Control from the App Stores

Launch new features and experiences on your schedule. Control exactly who sees each feature, and turn it on (or off!) instantly.

What are Feature Flags?

Feature Flags allow you to enable or disable mobile features at a moments notice, choosing exactly which users will see what features, and when. Gain web-like levels of control for mobile apps.

Now You’re Able To:

  1. Respond Immediately to Any App Issue

    Stop waiting on App Store reviews. If something isn’t working, fix it instantly.

  2. Get Powerful Feedback Early in the Process

    Instead of deploying to your entire user each release, conduct strategic rollouts to dogfood, beta test, and field test to get feedback as early and as cheaply as possible.

  3. Create Personalized Products

    Stop showing the same version to every user. Harness the power of personalization to provide each user a delightful experience.

  4. Easily Run Timed Campaigns

    Gain powerful control over the timing and audience of your marketing campaigns.

All without additional app store approvals.

Learn about Apptimize Feature Flags

Once you start shipping things like this, you’ll never want to go back.

-Chris Burnett, Engineer at VSCO & Formerly Twitter

Feature Flags for Product Teams

Roll Out or Roll Back Changes Instantly

If your apps new feature performs well in a test, you can add more users until you reach your entire userbase. It something isnt working, respond immediately by dialing it back.

Dogfooding and Beta Programs

Fail early. Fail often. But fail internally. – Jason Mark, Fast Company


Easily Send Specific Versions to:

Validate new ideas as quickly and cheaply as possible, rather than risk testing out on your entire userbase.

No more messing around with the clunkiness of TestFlight or test devices. Flip a switch and its done.

Feature Flags for Marketing Teams

Feature Flags for Engineering Teams

Minimize the Risk of Bad Updates

Kill Switch

Use feature flags as a kill switch, and quickly get your app back to the last working version.

Disable Features During Huge Load Spikes

When traffic levels spike, disabling certain features can help ensure that your app still functions, even if in a limited capacity.

When UX is the most critical aspect, making sure your app still does its core functions is key.

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