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Serenata de amor

Fighting corruptions in a massive and effective way

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The idea of automating the analysis of public accounts is unprecedented: engaging the population on training our platform in the analysis and audit. After this initial stage automation enhances data analysis in unseen volumes, increasing the chances of finding mistakes and corruption.

In other words, the Machine Learning platform invites people to teach it, learn from it, and massively expands existing methods. Alongside the production of content and a user friendly interface to explore data, expand access to information. Crowdsourcing the analysis of what is done with public money and exposure of these analyses openly, the whole society will have arguments to press politicians and demand that diverted money to be returned to public coffers.

In the background this movement helps to create a more clear perspective about the political activity of the parliament, making everyone of us have a better idea on deciding who to vote in the next election.

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