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Fractal Design launches Define R6 casing with USB-C – USB-C Today 3.0

Fractal Design is launching a new version of the Define R6 line, the Define R6 USB-C Black. The Define R6 USB-C is the newest addition to the growing selection of Fractal Design R6 cases. The Define R6 USB-C, as the name implies, has a USB-C connection embedded in the case. Furthermore, the stylish casing comes equipped with one USB-C connection, and 2 times a USB 3.0 connection. For devices which require less bandwidth, such as keyboards and mouses, Fractal Design also added 2 USB 2.0 devices.

Define R6 USB-C features

Besides having a wide range of USB connections embedded in the case, other characteristics are:

For the full list of features, checkout the Define R6 USB-C Black product page. We will probably include this case in an upcoming ‘how to build your USB-C desktop’, since the style, build quality and extensibility is certainly something which appeals to us. Stay tuned for an update soon!

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