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Amplify Partners Connected Devices Fellowship | Amplify Partners Amplify Partners

Amplify Partners Connected Devices Fellowship

As billions of connected devices come online and transform entire industries in their wake, the Internet of Things will require innovations across networking, storage, data analytics and security. At Amplify Partners, we believe that an intelligent and robust infrastructure will be the core component of a new and connected world of devices.

To support the community working on the hard problems in IoT infrastructure, we’re excited to officially announce the Amplify Partners Connected Device Fellowship. The fellowship is designed for engineers, students, researchers and anyone else passionate about infrastructure for connected devices.



Cameron TurnerCo-founder, The Data Guild

Combining an extensive background in product research, data analysis, program management, and software development, Cameron is co-founder of The Data Guild, a data product studio in Palo Alto, CA. Prior to this role, he co-founded ClickStream Technologies, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2009. While at Microsoft, he managed the Windows Telemetry team, responsible for all inbound data for all Microsoft products and partners. Cameron earned a B.A. in Architecture from Dartmouth College, an MBA from Oxford University and is currently pursuing a M.S. in Statistics at Stanford University. He is an active member/speaker with various Bay Area tech groups: Churchill Club, SOFTECH, Young CEOs Club, The CIO Roundtable and BayCHI.

Bogdana Rakova Co-founder, Hutgrip

Bogdana is a Computer Scientist, Internet of Things and AI hacker, Exponential Studies graduate at Singularity University - NASA Ames, CA, TEDx speaker. Co-founder atHutGrip- a platform to help equipment providers create value added services by utilizing a Cloud-based infrastructure and Data analytics algorithms.Also co-founder atHackidemiawhere she organizes technology workshops with kids in Eastern Europe. Excited about the future of work in a Networked Economy and Machine Learning!

Charles FracchiaCo-founder, BioBright

Charles is an IBM PhD FellowMIT Medialabin Joe Jacobson's Molecular Machines group andChurch labat theWyss Instituteat Harvard Medical School. He obtained his Bachelor at Imperial College London where he worked on a potassium ion channel based synthetic biology reporter system. He continued his thesis work atIBM Researchwhere he has been encouraging research in bioelectronic interfaces ever since. Charles is a founder ofBioBright, a company building open source hardware and software tools that hopes to transform the way biomedical data collection and visualization. He hasspoken about his work at different venues including the White House, MIT Sloan, NASA Ames, IBM Research and Airbus.

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