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[$0 to $150k revenue] How I grew my coffee subscription business – HOW TO START A SUBSCRIPTION BUSINESS

[$0 to $150k revenue] How I grew my coffee subscription business

I created Moustache Coffee Club as a passion project in summer 2013. Within 1.5 years, I’ve grown it to $150k+ in revenue. Because of this success, I actually created a platform for other entrepreneurs to create their subscription business (read about it here). I’ve received lots of inquiries by other subscription business founders – most of them asking about my data. So, in an effort to transparently help these entrepreneurs, I decided to disclose my internal data.

Moustache Coffee Club Data: 2013-2014

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Month over Month (MoM) Growth Rate:

Life Time Value (LTV) of a customer:

Average Life Time Value (LTV):

For every customer I get, I expect to have received $7.46 in their first monthand by month 12, they will have given me $65.83 in total revenue. This helps me to understand how much I can spend to acquire a new customer (CPA).

I hope that helps answer some questions. Email to request more data and I’ll update this post.

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