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From 0 to Raspberry Pi Linux in 45 Minutes | The ELLCC Embedded Compiler Collection

From 0 to Raspberry Pi Linux in 45 Minutes

I thought it would be cool to see how long it takes to make a boot-able Raspberry Pi disk using ELLCC. This is a timed experiment. In the end we’ll have an SD card that can be booted on the Pi. First, get a binary ELLCC release:

[~/ellcc-release] dev% mkdir test
[~/ellcc-release] dev% cd test
[~/test] dev% wget
--2016-01-12 22:00:19--
Resolving (
Connecting to (||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 650187071 (620M) [application/x-gzip]
Saving to: ellcc-x86_64-linux-eng-0.1.27.tgz

ellcc-x86_64-linux-e 100%[=====================>] 620.07M  11.0MB/s   in 56s    

2016-01-12 22:01:15 (11.1 MB/s) - ellcc-x86_64-linux-eng-0.1.27.tgz saved [650187071/650187071]
[~/test] dev% tar xvfp ellcc-x86_64-linux-eng-0.1.27.tgz

Second, check what the options are:

[~/test] dev% cd ellcc/libecc/ecclinux/
[~/test/ellcc/libecc/ecclinux] dev% ./build 
usage: ./build [options] target
    -packages 'packag1 package2 ...'    Specific packages to build
    -exclude  'packag1 package2 ...'    Specific packages to exclude
    -extras                             Include additional packages
    -clean                              Clean up a previous build
    help                                This message
    bcmrpi                              Raspberry Pi    (ARMv6)
    bcm2709                             Raspberry Pi 2  (ARMv7)
  available packages:
    kernel sinit sbase ubase smdev nldev nlmon svc sdhcp loksh
          ntfs3g iproute2 e2fsprogs vim dropbear
  extra packages:
  packages not buildable on the Mac:
    uboot iproute2 e2fsprogs vim

Third, build an image for the Pi 2 that includes the ELLCC tool chain (-extras):

[~/test/ellcc/libecc/ecclinux] dev% ./build -extras bcm2709j

Fourth, insert an SD card and install:

[~/test/ellcc/libecc/ecclinux] dev% su
[root@dev ecclinux]# ./install
Warning! This command will destroy all data on /dev/sdc.
Continue? [yes/no] yes

Put the SD in the Pi and boot. Voila!

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