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You'll Need Ikea's $5 Saw If You Buy That $1000 iPhone X - IEEE Spectrum

Photo: Ikea Ikea sells tools that allow you to integrate wireless charging capability with existing furniture

Today, Apple announced its new iPhonesthe iPhone 8, 8 plus, and the US $1000 iPhone X. And all feature wireless charging using the Qi standard. The company expects to start selling its own wireless charging mat next year. In the meantime, it pointed customers to third party charging mats, like this one from Belkin, which sells for $40. (You can find mats for as little as $12 or so).

Photo: Apple The new iPhone X charges wirelessly, and its water resistant too.

But a mat? Boring. Instead, I took a look at the Ikea catalog, recalling that a couple of years ago, Ikea bet on the Qi wireless charging standard when it designed a line of products with built-in charging capabilities. These include a $60 nightstand, a $70 desk lamp, and an $80 table lamp. The company also makes a DIY kit, including a $5 saw that attaches to a drill and makes holes in any piece of wood or particle board furniture so that it will precisely fit the companys $30 charger.

Where there are winners, of course, there are losers. A few years ago, Starbucks did a modest roll out of wireless charging using the Powermat standard. Starbucks Powermat charging tables wont be charging the new iPhones. And Energous, maker of Watt-Up wireless charging, saw its stock plunge today after Apples announcement.

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