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Raspberry Pi Music Synthesis: Synth Collection heading for iPhone and iPad

If I can find a way of payloading the Pi version onto the iPhone with some form of anti-piracy scheme it may yet find a release on everyone's favourite £20 educational computer. But seriously, that won't happen, I have other projects to move onto. Which is sad, but heck, if nobody out there who is going to profit from all this software development - the hardware vendors selling lots of Pis / lots of Pi-based computers / lots of MIDI controllers / lots of audio interfaces - is willing to compensate me for such a massive piece of work, then I'm certainly not going to just give it away for free while they print money.

So it looks like that's that. 

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish! But on a happier note, the iOS version will be much better than the Pi version was. 4x oversampling in all the synths, which adds some much-needed AA to the SR synth and augments the existing analytical AA for VA and WT, but also makes the filter for SRsynth much sweeter. Actually these quality upgrades would be trivial to add in Pi 2 and Pi 3, but not for Pi Zero. Anyway, with Audio Units on the iOS App Store, a single app that delivers an experimental harness along with multiple AU synths and AU effects is a sensible proposition, and as AUs they will all just work within Garageband. Which is nice. So for iOS musicians there is something great to look forward to, and it's not goodbye at all, which is doubly nice. But thanks for all the fish anyway, I do like fish. And I do like the Raspberry Pi as well, I love the little rascal, but it's a crying shame that the platform was conceived and strategized from the outset to drive software value to zero. Without developing a full-blown sandboxed App Store - like the old Tao Intent / Antix Labs environment -  there is no way for a pure software play to make money. Which of course, in a totally bizarre move, kills stone dead the entire software industry and the future careers that the platform is intended to nurture - it's supposed to teach kids how to code, because software development is hard, and by learning this hard skill these kids will have a meaningful career. But in a world where software has zero value - literally zero, because in Pi world everything is free, and is supposed to be free, and any attempt to make stuff not be free will not get support - what value does that place on the people who develop software? Really, it is so mixed up it's fundamentally buggered. Anyway, I have torn my hair out for 4 years now trying to find a way to get all this great work out there on the Pi - hard work that was in itself satisfyingly challenging, that has generated great results, and is capable of making amazing music. And all the while the modest target was to compensate myself no more generously than the voluntary minumum wage level. No traction, even at the pay grade of a Lidl shelf stacker. WTF?! The choices are give it away for free, and support it indefinitely into the future for free, or don't release it at all on the Pi. And I don't work for free, and have no intention of committing myself to multiple years of ongoing free support, with all the attendant hate mail and bollocks that comes with the militant freetard wing of the Pi community. So you'll all have to stick with Sonic Pi - enjoy! 

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