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Google kept the US Government unaware of the Heartbleed bug - Talk Folks

The Heartbleed bug, one of the most wide spread vulnerability news was revealed publicly on April 9th but the scientists who researched and detected this problem kept people unaware for a few weeks.

While the TFs Sources said that in the meantime when the bug was detected and on the date of its revelation to the world i.e. 9th April 2014, there were several discussions about this glitch among the security experts who were searching for a proper patch to the OpenSSL version 1.0.1 to fix the issue, The US Government might have been unaware of the total story according to the reports we received.

Neel Mehta from Google first discovered about the bug on or before 21st March.

Last Monday, Brendon Sasso [The National Journal] wrote that its not clear when the US Government did come to know about the flaw in the security system, but Google, CloudFlare and a few more Linux-based developers knew the issue way before the actual announcement stroke the folks.

Brendon wrote that companies often wait to reveal such flaws to the public so that they get time to apply the patch on their own services, but keeping the bug hidden from the Government left many federal systems open to hackers.

According to the report, this week, the Canadian Federal Tax Agency had become a victim to the Heartbleed Attack. Moreover, several websites like Facebook and Twitter were facing a few problems and patched their servers before it could perform disasters, but Pinterest sent Email Notifications to its users asking them to stay aware of the fact that this bug is dangerous and was the reason that Pinterest was infected for the past two Years, they even asked the users to change their passwords when they fixed their version of OpenSSL as well.Sources told Brendon, the security experts may have intentionally waited to get the Government Agencies on the same list.

The US President Barack Obama said that patching the vulnerabilities help in strengthening the security of their government, and the computer systems.

However, it seems that NSA was the only one to say that the US Government was unaware of the issue until the April 9th public announcement.

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