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Fund a Class / May 2014 - Wishbone

Octavio is compassionate and caring, and has the maturity and wisdom of someone twice his age. He is exceptionally talented academically, and has a 4.0 GPA. He is the only freshman in my Spanish 1 class, yet he is always helping other students who are struggling. Octavio notices when those around him are having trouble with the material, and always reaches out to help them. Its like having an incredible TA in 4th period, except hes also a student.

Octavios 4.0 GPA is a testament to the incredible amount of grit, determination and persistence that he has. He works relentlessly to maintain his perfect GPA, and spends most of his lunch periods and after school hours in my room studying or working on homework. Like most kids growing up in Richmond, Octavio has not had many things handed to him. Rather, hes worked for his successes with incredible tenacity. He is a self-starter, and incredibly independent. Octavio cooks and cleans for himself and lives semi-independently as a freshman in high school. Octavio worked tirelessly on his Wishbone essays. After finishing his essays, I asked Octavio if he would like me to provide him with feedback and help him edit them. He said yes, but specifically told me that he only wanted general feedback, and no help in editing. He told me that he wanted to prove to himself that he could get the scholarship with an application that was 100% his creation, grammar and all. If I get the acceptance letter, he told me, I want to know that it was me who got me there.

Octavio has incredible potential, and needs to be in an environment over the summer where he can be challenged academically. Octavio is passionate about computers and computer science, yet LPS Richmond does not offer any computer science courses. A summer program would allow Octavio to pursue his passions in ways that he is unable to do during the academic year.

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