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Hipo - Android Apps on Google Play

Hipo is a smart recording app that categorizes your voice and text notes instantly. These can be your daily notes, to-do lists, ideas or anything else that comes to mind. You can also add photos to all of your notes.Whether youre putting together details for an important project, compiling a shopping list, or keeping that breakthrough idea intact, Hipo is a quick way to free up your mind from these things that typically occupy you throughout the day. It was designed to eliminate the time that you spend taking and organizing your thoughts.The other great things about Hipo is that it:- Supports over 40 languages. - Categorizes your notes automatically- Knows the location of each recording- Allows you to playback the original audio recording- Uses advanced speech-to-text technology- Can share your notes with other apps and people- Enables you to edit notes at anytime- Saves your offline notesHipo is free to download from the Google Play Store! Get it now.

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