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As many of you read this article on a range of platforms and smart devices: Laptop, Tablet, Phone take a pause for second and think about whats next?

What is next in this rush to create smart devices?

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the culmination of the current golden period in technology. While some of might confuse the terms internet of THINGS with the recent trend of wearable technology, the Internet of Things is a far greater concept and philosophy bringing almost every aspect of our daily life under our control through our trusty phone.It could be the next big wave in technology.The Consumer Electronics Association projects U.S. sales of smart energy and security systems alone will total $574 million this year, a 23 percent increase from 2014. Intel is banking on it for its future.

Imagine our TV, Washing Machine, Air Conditioning, Lighting Circuit and Car all being directly controlled by us, through an app!!!

Thats the promise of the Internet of things.

Leading the charge in this bleeding edge industry is a one-man Indian Tech Startup called…


Home-in-Hand is an Internet of Things (IoT) startup with the vision of making inexpensive technology, which seamlessly integrates with existing devices, available at home to be driven by users need and not vice-versa. Currently, its focus is on room automation with a product called SmartBoard.

Home-in-Hand App – The present and the future

Who created Home-in-Hand ?

Home-in-Hand is the brainchild of Sandeep Gupta, a post-graduate with more than 10 years of industry experience having worked globally in India, Europe, SE Asia and Australia. Hes had oodles of experience working with startups before and is now finally starting his own Start-Up.

What is Home-in-Hand’s IoT product ?

Home-in-Hands SmartBoard is a replacement of traditional switchboards. It can be controlled via a mobile app from anywhere in the world. Not only can one switch on and off devices, one can disable devices and receive notifications. One can also define scenarios which can be activated according to time-based rules automatically.

Home-In-Hand app for SmartBoard

How did Home-in-Hand create the SmartBoard ?

The SmartBoard has been over a year in the works. It was conceptualized at the start of 2014 primarily due to the laziness of the founder, Sandeep Gupta, who hated having to get up to switch off lights especially during winters of Delhi.

His irritation made him realize that Also, there were a lot of redundant activities around the house like turning off lights, reducing the speed of fan during night etc.; which could easily be automated and provide sound uninterrupted sleep using such technology.

Sandeep started with a prototype that was more or less a proof-of-concept. The first prototypecould control two sockets (just on and off)


Home-In-Hand SmartBoard 1 – without switch button

This was followed by a 2nd prototype in October 2014. The concept was expanded from a socket strip to a smart switch board which would prove more useful and would increase functionality. It had 1 socket and could control this as well as 1 fan and up to 7 other devices (like lights, TV, STB). This 2nd prototype had a couple of issues, and aesthetically still lagged.


Home-In-Hand SmartBoard 2

Finally, the one man startup achieved a definitive breakthrough with the 3rd and most recent prototype that has just been released in the first week of January 2015, is production ready and aesthetically pleasing and will be made available to early adopters.

Prototype 3

What’s next for Home-in-Hand ?

Home-in-Hand plans to go for crowd funding soon with a limited release of around 100 customers for alpha testing of the SmartBoard. The plan is to utilize the funding to build up a loyal customer base and grow organically. Home-in-Hand plans to offer 1-year warranty and 1-year service. Later, service would be extended to the users based on a minimal charge annually.

When asked about competition in this field, Sandeep felt that either the competition were failing to provide sufficient functionality or were to be expensive for ordinary people. The SmartBoard hit the right balance between price and affordability.

Team Pixr8 thinks the Home-in-Hands SmartBoard is one of the more interesting products seen in a long time.

You can check out Home-in-Hand and their products here.

Heres wishing them the very best.

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