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How The U.S. Armys 'Phaser' can wipe out an entire fleet of drones with one strike - Saint

Raytheons Phaser weapon can destroy whole swarms of drones with a single burst of microwave energy.

Dwight D. Eisenhower has once said that

What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dog.

This quote pretty much resonates with how powerful the U.S. Armys ‘Phaser’ can be, able to take down an army of drones, heck anything with circuits in a single shot.

Yes, that means iPads, computers, targeting systems or even cars speeding toward checkpoints.

The US military has been at the forefront of aerial dominance for decades; however the emergence of ISIS with their very own drones proves a new threat to the American ground troops.

Thats where, my friend, the ‘Phaser’ will come into play.

How does it work?

The ‘Phaser’ system is designed and developed by Raytheons Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Ktech group.

To simply put it, the ‘Phaser’ is a super-powerful microwave oven that uses Electromagnetic pulse weapons (EMP), and high-power microwave (HMP), combined with systems equipped with an electromagnetic pulse cannon where its aim is it to destroy an enemy’s command, control, communication and computing, surveillance and intelligence capabilities without hurting people or infrastructure.

If you take a look at the footage below, you can see it is just basically a high-powered microwave-emitting dish that sits atop a shipping container that contains its diesel generator power source.

The power generated from the diesel power source, enables the ‘Phaser’ to direct a concentrated beam of microwave energy in the direction of incoming drones.

This energy fries the control systems due to voltage surges in the electronic equipment, stopping their motors even before surge protectors have the chance to react, which leads to causing those drones to fall out of the air.



How does it detect the enemies?

It uses external radar systems to track the enemy targets.

Such accompanying radars, include the MPQ-64 Sentinel or Close Combat Tactical Radar, that detect, and track the target, then hand off that info to the ‘Phaser’.


What is Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)?

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is an intense burst of electromagnetic (EM) energy caused by an abrupt, rapid acceleration of charged particles, usually electrons.

These intense burst of shockwaves are usually emitted from nuclear explosions that disables electronics.

The ‘Phaser’, as shown in the video above, can adjust the intensity of the EMP blast.

What is high-power microwave (HMP)?

I am sure you have a microwave oven in your house and I am going to believe that you do know how a microwave oven works. If you dont know, then go ask your mom.

A High-power microwave (HMP) is just basically a much more powerful microwave oven that emits microwaves at much higher intensity.

In this case you dont just heat up food.


How is it better than say, lasers?

If we were to use lasers, they would only direct a thin beam of intense light at a single drone unlike the ‘Phaser’ which uses EMP to direct at several drones at once.

Not to mention, how fast the ‘Phaser’ could knock out an entire swarm of drones with a single strike in 1-millisec.


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What do you think, will the ‘Phaser’ ever be deployed into the field by the U.S. army?

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