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#How to compile and install Lua 5.3.3 and C modules from sources on Windows Created: July 26, 2016 - Modified: see latest commit :)

In this humble step-by-step manual we will learn how to compile and install Lua 5.3.3, Lua C modules and one pure Lua module. We will learn what to download, install and setup to achieve this.

HERE ... you can download my current standalone binary distribution of Lua 5.3.3 and some fresh useful modules.

###At the end you will have standalone Lua distribution for Windows which:

In this manual everything what we will install goes into c:\work folder, so please create it.


1. Installing MinGW32 C/C++ compiler

2. Installing Git for Windows

3. Compiling and installing Lua

4. Installing Luarocks

5. Installing first Lua C module luautf8 into systree

6. Installing luasec C module into systree

7. Installing luasql-mysql C module into systree

8. Installing lsqlite3 C module into systree

9. Installing lrexlib-pcre C module into systree

10. Installing penlight pure Lua module

Making modules available to Lua

Some principles

mingw32-gcc -shared -o lsqlite3.dll lsqlite3.o -Lc:\work\src\sqlite\ -lsqlite3 c:/work/lua/bin/lua53.dll -lm
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