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Europe on the Cheap: How to Visit 30 Cities for $450 | Nomad App

Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy

What happens when youre flexible and just go out there to see the world? You realize that traveling can actually be cheaper than staying athome.

If you break it down the two biggest costs of travel are: accommodation, food and transportation. How do you optimize your costs? As for accommodation, hostels ($15$20/bunk bed) are the cheapest option (after your buddys couch). Food: buy groceries and prepare your own meals as much as you can. Now, transportation: this is where you can save the big bucks if you do it right. Our advice: compare not only flights but also buses and trains. Find the cheapest routes and build an itinerary on top of the deals you find (not the other way round).

1. Start in London

In our sample itinerary we use London as a starting point but you can pick any city on the list and just take it from there.

2. Fly London Linz, Austria $20

Ryanair is one of the cheapest airlines in the world and they fly to over 170 destinations in Europe. Fares start at less than $10.

3. Train: Linz Salzburg $15

The railway is quite popular all over Europe. Especially in Germany and Austria trains might be your best choice.

4. Bus: Salzburg Munich, Germany $8

Our favorite website to compare different modes of transporation in Europe is Buses for that route start at $8 USD. Distances in Europe are small which makes bus travel convenient.

5. Bus: Munich Innsbruck, Austria $9

From Germany you can easily hop back into Austria on the way South to Italy. Praise for open borders! Enjoy the Austrian Alps and a romantic little town.

6. Bus: Innsbruck Milan, Italy $20

Again, board a bus and go South! Its only a 6 hours bus ride. Again, we found the best deal on Flixbus via the travel site GoEuro.

7. Bus: Milan Rome $10

Italiaaaaa Pasta, bene, Pizza What would an Italy trip be without going to Rome? Yes, you have to be smart to escape the masses of tourists but its still worth it. Again we found the bus on GoEuro.

8. Flight: Rome Barcelona, Spain $20

Ryanairs got the cheapest flights, Barcelonas got it all: sea, city and mountains.

9. Flight: Barcelona Palma de Mallorca $18

On we go to the paradise island of Palma de Mallorca. Be prepared to hear German all around. Mallorca is the Cancun of the Germans.

10. Flight: Palma Madrid $18

Back to the mainland, Spains capital Madrid. Thanks Ryanair for flights cheaper than last nights dinner.

11. Train: Madrid Seville $20

Seville is the capital of southern Spains Andalusia region. Its famous for flamenco dancing , particularly in its Triana neighborhood.

12. Bus: Seville Faro $14

And off we go to Portugal. GoEuro helped us find a $14 USD bus to the beautiful coastal city of Faro.

13. Train: Faro Lisbon $20

This is the $20 Train we found from Faro to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

14. Flight: Lisbon Paris $17

The city of love (and cheap flights)! Welcome to Paris. This is the Ryanair flight we found on Google Flights.

15. Paris Le Havre, France $9

Back to GoEuro we found a $9 Bus to Le Havre. Head North and explore picturesque beaches, little towns and viallages. Also Normandys D-Day beaches and cemeteries are within reach.

16. Bus: Le Havre Brussels, Belgium $25

A GoEuro search and $25 later youre headed to Brussels, Belgium. Time to splurge on Belgian chocolate and waffles.

17. Flight: Brussels Copenhagen, Denmark $12

Oh my gosh. It wont get any cheaper. Fly from Brussels to Copenhagen for the cost of a drink in San Francisco. Ryanair again (heres our sample search)

18. Bus: Copenhagen Malm, Sweden $6

Were headed North! Sweden is just a bus ride across the resund Bridge from Copenhagen. Like always we found the connection on GoEuro. Just look for the best connection.

19. Bus: Malm Gothenburg, Sweden $14

Though often caught in Stockholms shadow Gteborg actually has greater appeal for many visitors than the fast-paced capital. We get there by bus, again found on our favorite site GoEuro.

20. Bus: Gothenburg Oslo, Norway $23

Another bus ride and were in Norway.

21. Flight: Oslo Amsterdam $38

Another budget airline that should be on your radar when traveling Europe and also internationally is Norwegian Air. They blew our mind whenever we found a San Francisco Amsterdam flight for $200 and Prague Boston for $150. Insane. This time we found a $30 flight from Oslo to Amsterdam. Heres the link to the sample itinerary.

22. Bus: Amsterdam Berlin $30

Go explore Germans hip and historical capital city Berlin.

23. Rideshare: Berlin Prague, Czech Republic $14

Another great mode of transportation in Europe is carpooling. Its safe and well organized. Check Blabla Car Car Pooling. We found a ride for $14 to Prague.

24. Bus: Prague Warsaw, Poland $9

Poland is beautiful and cheap. $9 USD for a bus to Warsaw. Incredible. PolskiBus found on GoEuro but it even gets better.

25. Bus: Warsaw Krakow $1

This almost seems like an error but we double checked PolskiBus offers fares starting at $0.25. Found on GoEuro.

26. Bus: Krakow Budapest $11

After these $1 buses the $11 bucks almost seem expensive Budapest blows us away. What a city. Definitely a hidden jewel in Europe.

27. Budapest Zagreb $19

We take another bus and arrive in Croatias capital city Zagreb. Around the city theres lots of things to do. You could even head to Krka National Park if youre up for a 5h bus ride.

28. Bus: Zagreb Ljubljana $11

From Zagreb head to neighbor country Slovenia. The country is only inhabitated by about 4 Mio. people (one of them used to be the US First Lady Melania Trump). Stop by Slovenias plitvice lakes if you can.

29. Bus: Ljubljana Venice $20

From Ljubljana Venice is only a $20 bus ride away. Take the chance!

30. Last Stop:Venice

canals, love and the smell of fish

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