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How We Rethought Our Business Model in a Week | Planetary

or The Studio is Dead, Long Live The Studio

When I first started Planetary, it was very much just an extension of my freelance work. The business was growing and I found myself hiring new people to cover all of the incoming work; for many reasons, it just seemed like good idea.

For the first couple of months, Planetary didnt even have a brand. It was merely a name clients put on the checks and a bank account to deposit income and pay the other designers and developers.

Around that same time, I happened to be visiting friends in St. Louis and was introduced to Matt: a freelance designer/developer like myself. Shortly thereafter, Matt and I joined forces to turn Planetary from a just a name into a small design and development studio. For the past year, thats what weve been and weve loved every minute of it.

Today, were shiftingif ever so slightlyto something new.

Weve decided to package up some of our offerings into products that we believe will greatly benefit new and existing clients alike. These products are called Micro and Rethink.

Micro is a one-hour intensive consultation designed to solve a discrete product or design problem. One hour, one problem, one report. During the consultation, youll have the opportunity to discuss your problem in depth, and we analyze its root issues. We then work with you to define a path to success: both the solution and the steps needed to get there. After the call, we produce a one-page Mission Report that details our analysis, outlines our recommendations, and identifies the path to success.

In addition to Micro, were introducing Rethink, a one-week, one screen redesign for your site or app. This is a great high-impact, low-risk way of improving your existing site or app without committing to a full redesign. Often, all a company or organization needs to increase conversions (i.e., the percentage of website visitors that complete a transaction) are a targeted tweaks: Rethink is designed to do just that. You select one screen, complete a short questionnaire which helps us understand your and your users needs, and seven days later we deliver a redesigned page. Well also provide a Rethink Report which includes an analysis of what wasnt working on your current product or site and what we changed in the redesign.

Our custom design and development services arent going away, but we want to be more than just a design and development studio. We want to be a valuable partner to our clients by providing them the tools they need to succeed. We hope Micro and Rethink can be a couple of those tools.

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