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Meet the New HitTail Team – HitTail Blog

Meet the New HitTail Team

Greetings to all HitTail users and followers!

Today we have exciting news HitTail has been acquired by a new team of experienced search engine marketers, developers and designers. Stas Tatarin HitTails new manager has over 8 years of experience in search engine marketing and is happy to become a part of the HitTail team.

I feel truly grateful to Rob, who has been building HitTail during the last several years, for the opportunity to take HitTail over and continue its success. I believe that search engine marketing will remain one of the most efficient ways to promote businesses and brands online for the coming several years. Whether you have an e-commerce website or blog as a hobby, being found easier on search engines is the key to success.

At the same time, I realize that not everyone needs to be a SEO expert to be able to drive targeted search visitors to their websites. And not everyone has the resources needed to hire expensive search engine marketers or agencies. If this is the case, HitTail is a great and efficient solution.

Whats more, most keyword tools require the website owner to come up with keyword ideas, but HitTail analyzes existing traffic and provides suggestions for new keywords each month, based on existing traffic. HitTail works in the background and provides you with new keyword suggestions daily or weekly, while you can focus on other tasks. It is easy to set up too, as it doesnt require any code snippets to be deployed across the website.

It is kind of hands off tool that Ive been asked for many times. I was excited when I first found HitTail and now Im really happy to know that we just acquired it.

– Stas Tatarin

Ive thoroughly enjoyed growing HitTail to where it stands today as one of the most well-known tools in the SEO space. Given my other responsibilities running Drip and MicroConf its been increasingly hard to stay focused and run everything simultaneously. I believe the new team will inject fresh power into HitTail and is on track to bring it to a new level.

– Rob Walling

What’s the Plan for Hittail?

Regardless of whether we add new features or not, our aim is to keep HitTails user interface very clear and easy to understand. We want to make sure our existent customers are comfortable with any innovations we make and well be listening to them for sure.

The first thing we may do is integrate HitTail with the new Google Search Console API, which has been released a few weeks ago. This will allow our customers to oAuth for this API, which should make the process of HitTail installation even easier and more straightforward.

In the long run we have plans to build HitTail into a set of powerful feature-rich tools that will help website owners, bloggers and marketers to be more efficient in driving quality traffic to their websites. We also have plans to build a community around HitTail, where everyone can ask for SEM/SEO help and get a qualified answer.

Are You Going to Change Pricing?

We have no plans for changing existing prices in the coming several months. But if we do, wed like to assure our customers that their current plans wont change, unless they want to switch to any new plan we add.

Not a Hittail User?

Why not try our free trial. We’re sure you will like it!


If you have any questions, please get in touch! You can email us at

HitTails sale was brokered by FE International. Please direct all transaction inquiries to David Newell and the FE International team (

The NEW HitTail Team.

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