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In more general terms: In what directions are you trying to head with iDoneThis?

Thats a good question. Were realizing that people not only use it to track what they did, but theres also a lot of communication taking place.

For example, its a great replacement for daily standups that you spend less time in meetings and more time actually creating things.

We want to double down on that a bit to make it a better stand-up replacement to support more of the native things you would see in a stand-up. For example we have goals and dones now. The natural development would be to add things like blockers for example because thats one of the things youll also talk about in a stand-up.

Apart from the stand-up-specific refinements, longer-term were looking to make it a better communications platform thats asynchronous so it gets out of your way. Still you have to stay connected with your team.

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