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In Unicorn Hire, Mixpanel Lures Top Sales Executive From New Relic - Venture Capital Dispatch - WSJ

Competition for talent is fierce in Silicon Valley, and the smaller the startup, the harder it can be to persuade someone to leave a comfortable situation for the unknown.

Mixpanel Inc.founder and Chief Executive Suhail Doshi, 26, was not deterred. After pursuing his target, Matt Cooley, for six months, he persuaded Mr. Cooley to leave his position as head of sales at New Relic Inc., a companythats valuedat more than $1 billion and is believed to be headed for an IPO, for Mixpanel, a Y Combinator graduate thats become profitable with about $12 million in funding.

Mr. Cooley joined Mixpanel in June as the companys chief revenue officer.

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