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Install Keras + tensorflow-gpu with a NVidia Card | Deep Learning | The Geek Legacy

Hello, You must check the compute capability of you card on this link :

For the Nvidia Card NVS 5200M, your compute capability is only of 2.1. Unfortunately, that won't be enough to drive the tensorflow-gpu driver underneath Keras. Indeed tensorflow-gpu only supports a compute capability equal or superior to 3.0.

This information will save you hours of installating the NVidia driver and Visual Studio.

For others that have a greater capability or want to check if their cards will work with CUDA, here are the steps.

On windows 7/8 or 10 (64 bits), it won't work on a 32 bits version of windows 1) Check the name of your graphic card (for example with dxdiag on windows) 2) Check the compute capability on (your card must be on the list and have a compute capability >=3.0) 3) Install Visual Studio Studio 2010 or 2012 or 2012 or 2015 or Visual Studio Community 2015 (Visual Studio 2017 won't work) => check more on this link : 4) Install Cuda Toolkit 8.0 : 5) Install tensorflow-gpu pip install --upgrade tensorflow-gpu You can find complementary informations on

I have not tried the installation on Ubuntu but I know that the step 2 applies as well and you have to work on a version linux 64 bits such as Ubuntu 64 bits (it won't work on a 32 bits version of Linux)

Hope it helps!

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