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Finally, a realistic plan to stop unsolicited telemarketing – Jolly Roger Telephone

Hate unsolicited telemarketers? Jolly Roger Telephone is on its way to finally stop them. I really can disrupt this industry.

Regulationwill not help. Many countries already have a do-not-call list of some sort. But the scammer telemarketers just move across the border.And, as much as we may hate it, caller-id manipulation is an essential part of enterprise telephony. So sorry, thereno hope of caller-id verification any time soon.

In just a few hours, adecent telephone integratorcan set up an autodialer using free software and spare computers.These scammers hidebehind fake caller-ids and dial thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of numbers per day. They don’t care if only 2% of usanswer the phone. And tomorrow if only 1% answer the phone, they’ll just call more numbers. I used to think it was a necessary consequence of cheap telecommunications, but after the interest in my robot that talks to telemarketers, I have successfully proven that we can create bots to keep telemarketers engaged long enough to disrupt their business model.

For now, you can send your annoying telemarketers to my friendly and agreeable robot. It will happily chat with them for several minutes.Then take a moment to recognize the potential of this. If youhad aJolly Roger Telephone bot answering your phone, the autodialers will alwaysthink it’s a real person and cut through to an agent. Who cares if they figure it out in just a few minutes? Although typically it’s a lot longer – see my YouTube channel for samples. The point is the autodialers will cut through to an agent every time they hit one of these bots. That will break their business model.It will cut their outbound capacity dramatically.

There is no way I could haveplanned for all this attention. This started as a hobby and my friends said “you need to start posting some of these calls to YouTube!” so I did. To those of you who have been been listening, I thank you sincerely.

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