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Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy

Welcome to The Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy

The Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy is dedicated to integrating the domains of research, policy, and practice to achieve educational excellence for all of Americas students.

Located at one of the nations premiere research universities and housed within its top-ranked school of education, the Institute has direct access to leading national and international scholars. At the same time, located in Baltimore, the Institute shares a home with an urban public school system that embodies many of the deepest challenges facing American education. We exist to bridge the gap between outstanding research and urgent need.

The Institute is committed to translating research on what narrows Americas persistent achievement gaps to those on the front lines of policy and practice.

Specifically, we connect research to the policies and practices that will ensure all children have access to:

By delivering the strongest evidence to the policy-makers who set the course and the practitioners who teach and lead, we hope to serve the American children who enter our classrooms every day.


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