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Learn Multi platform 6502 Assembly Programming... For Monsters!

Welcome To the Dark Side!... I grew up with the Amstrad CPC, and I started learning Assembly with the Z80, however as my experience with Z80 assembly grew, I wanted to start learning about other architctures, and see how they compared! The 6502, and it's varients powered many of the biggest systems from the 80's and 90'... From the ubiquitous C64... to the Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as the BBC Micro, PC-Engine and Atari Lynx... even the Super Nintendo used a 16 bit varient of the 6502 known as the 65816 The 6502's origins are somewhat odd, a cost reduced version of the 8-bit '6800'  (which was the predecessor to the venerable16-bit 68000)... the 6502 sacrificed some functions for a cheaper unit price, which allowed it such wide support... the 6510 which powered the C64 had a few added features... A later version, the 65C02 added more commands (Used in systems like the Apple IIc and the Atari Lynx) ... and HudsonSoft made a custom version of the 65C02 with even more features, called the HuC6280 and exclusively used in the PC Engine All these CPU variants are 8 bit, and the basic 6502 command set works in the same way on all these sysems, and it's that instruction set we'll be learning in these tutorials... These tutorials will be written from the perspective of a Z80 programmer learning 6502, but they will not assume any prior knowledge of Z80, so if you're starting out in assembly, these tutorials will also be fine for you! In these tutorials we'll start from the absolute basics... and teach you to become a multiplatform 6502 monster!... Let's begin! the 6502 The 65C02 die If you want to learn 6502 get the Cheatsheet ! it has all the 6502 commands, it also covers the extra commands used by the 65c02 and PC-Engine HuC6280