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Meet Lyft Carpool: A New Way to Commute Lyft Blog

Dont drive to work? Ride with Carpool for $4-10Solo commuters can now get affordable, nonstop rides without needing to drive. To ride, just tell the app when you want to arrive at work. Itll match you with a Lyft Carpool driver who shares your commute route. Prices range from $4-10, and make Carpool a viable option for daily use.

Lyft Carpool seamlessly manages each trip, so both drivers and riders enjoy the ride. Beyond coordinating matching and sending trip reminders, Carpool provides two-way ratings, and secure messaging.

Lyft Carpool represents a revolution in casual carpoolingThe commute is the time of day when the most people are on the road, and traffic is at its worst. Within cities, Lyft Line has made sharing your commute affordable, convenient, and efficient. Outside cities, most people still rely on driving their own cars to get to and from work. By solving the longer commute, we can make huge inroads in transforming transportation.

Increases in transportation efficiency could save the estimated $533 billion needed to expand roads to relieve severe congestion in U.S. cities.

Now active in San Francisco, Lyft Carpool will expand as the Lyft Carpool driver community grows. Sign up to drive.

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