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Lyft to offer 45 percent discount during presidential election – The Tech Graph

American transportation network company Lyft, has today announced that it will offer a 45 percent discount on single side of ride during the Presidential election, this offer will be valid between 7AM to 8PM in 20 places. This promotion will make a less expensive to reach your local polling stations if you don’t have any alternative way to get there beside than taxi service. Back after the vote it will cost you full price.

As this discount is available only in some places, Lyft stated “Eligible users will receive an email from Lyft on Sunday night, from where they could access the 45 percent discount in the division deal of the week. Albeit this offer for a day is supposed to assist you in obtaining polls, there was nothing actually prevents you from taking a ride at a reduced price elsewhere during those hours.

Here is a complete list of places where Lyft will offer 45 percent discount for a single trip:


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