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Mailinator(tm) Blog: Mailinator launches disposable SMS

Mailinator is known for fast, free, (public) disposable email. Today we're introducing fast, free (public) disposable SMS! The idea fits in with Mailinator's model extremely well. For example, Mailinator has always created an inbox when email arrives for it. Because of that every single email address you can think of (at already exists. That includes every existing or potential phone number on earth. Inboxes say like have existed since Mailinator was born.

Now however, that inbox receives email sent to that address but also SMS text messages sent to that phone number. As always messages (now categorized as email or SMS) auto-delete in a few hours.

You can find the Public SMS numbers on the left navigation of Mailinator's "email" page (which we should probably think about renaming, huh?) or follow the link below.

We hope our free users and our QA Testing subscribers find cool new uses for testing with SMS!

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