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We have amazing news! MAPS.ME users now can edit map by themselves! Our new version allows all of our users to not only create routes, search for places of interest (POI) and determine their location, but also to add details to their maps. We use Openstreetmap project as the source for our maps. Although anyone can edit data on it, in the past it was only convenient to do this on a PC or laptop. Now, you can add POI and edit information directly on your mobile device. It’s so simple and so convenient! 

As the details on maps depend directly on the number of users who participate in editing them, we are confident that the level of detail of both OSM and MAPS.ME will increase significantly. What’s more, our users can play a key role in editing maps which are used by volunteer organisations in disaster areas. We know that our users are proactive and want to change the world for the better. Creating the most detailed maps together is a kind of beneficial investment that anyone can make. 

Previously, maps were drawn with the help of satellite images. Today, the focus has shifted to contributing real-time data. We might call this principle “You see - you edit”. 

For now, MAPS.ME allows users to edit houses, pharmacies, shops, restaurants, hairdressers and other POI. You can add places and clarify or change information about them (opening hours, phone, websites, wifi, etc). In addition, there is a button which you can use to report that an object no longer exists at a location (i.e. a gas station has closed). There are no limits on editing - our users can change objects nearby or in any another location around the globe. 

Like MAPS.ME, the editor works, even when you’re not connected to the Internet. Your edits will be seen on your smartphone or tablet immediately, even if you’re offline. They will be uploaded to openstreetmap base as soon you get an internet connection, and just after you login or sign in to Openstreetmap via MAPS.ME.

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