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Microsoft: You seriously need to fix your Skype and Microsoft account issues, this is insane

Microsoft: You seriously need to fix your Skype and Microsoft account issues, this isinsane

With the launch of the new TO DO app by Microsoft I decided to try and clean up my Microsoft accounts. Thats when I discovered a really stupid issue:

I decided to switch from a seperate skype account I was using to one that was connected to my Microsoft accountone login for all their services I thought, it just makes sense.

I only really chat with like 2 people on Skype anyway.

Thats when I noticed that the Skype account attached to my Microsoft account is this:


Thats a problem. Having the company name after my name implies I work for that company. I no longer do.

I thought, no biggie, Ill just change the username to just be my first and last name.

Except I cant.

I am allowed to change my display name, but the username will continue to be the above.

Whatever, I think, Ill just go ahead and unlink that Skype account and make a new one with proper details, maybe even delete the old one.


Because its merged to my Microsoft account I cant delete it or unlink it.

I contacted support and their suggestion was to delete my entire Microsoft account (which will take 2 months to do!) and then let me know one little thing: I cant use my email address I used for this account. So I cant use the email I use for everything on my new Microsoft account.

Microsoftthis defeats the entire purpose of having one account for everything.

My only option here is to go nuclear, kill the whole account and start with a brand new email. Which means Ill never check that email and miss all the important updates and crap you want to send me.

Two simple little things could solve this:

  1. Let me change my Skype username. What the hell, this is just obvious.
  2. Allow me to unlink different accounts (such as Skype or Xbox) and link other ones.

Thats it.

End of rant.

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